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Apapacho is a Nahuatl word meaning

“embrace from the soul”.

Great to see you! W E L C O M E

The Hotel

Intimate escape that truly reflects 

the passionate culture of

San Miguel de Allende

Modern with free spirit, it is located right in front the symbolic "El Chorro" and "Los Lavaderos".


The legend tells, that in "El Chorro" the founding of the town took place because, during the XV Century a Monk named Juan de San Miguel found a fresh water spring there.  Then during the XVIII Century, the Canal family ordered the building of baths, laundries and a small chapel, just on the highest part of “El Chorro”.  Over time, this area has become one of the most exclusive parts of the city´s downtown.



Sleep here!

Six impressive luxury guest rooms, each on numbered and named in Nahuatl, all featuring a mix of exclusive details for a cozy retreat.



Our bar, restaurant and pool

Third level of Apapacho, you will find our Rooftop.

Is the perfect meeting place for visitors and locals

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